Everything You Need to Know to Start and Run Your Nonprofit Organization

Fifth Edition

by Gary M. Grobman 

Nonprofit Handbook book cover  The Nonprofit Handbook, Fifth Edition is the most up-to-date and useful publication for those starting a nonprofit or for those already operating one. This 518-page, 36-chapter Handbook is based on The Pennsylvania Nonprofit Handbook, a book originally published in 1992 with the help of more than two-dozen nonprofit executives and attorneys and now in its 8th edition. Each easy-to-read chapter includes a synopsis, useful tips, and resources to obtain more information. Pre-addressed postcards are included to obtain important government forms, instruction booklets, and informational publications. This essential reference tool includes:"The Nonprofit Handbook is must reading. While it will have value as a reference tool to be consulted when needed, I highly recommend that you read the book cover-to-cover to familiarize yourself with the panoply of issues that face the modern nonprofit in every state of our United States."

  Information about current laws, court decisions, and regulations that apply to nonprofits—two full pages devoted to each state and the District of Columbia

  Practical advice on running a nonprofit, including chapters on grant-writing, communications, fundraising, quality management, insurance, lobbying, personnel, fiscal management, nonprofit ethics, and 24 other chapters

  Information on applying for federal and state tax-exempt status

  How to write effective grant applications

  How to hire and fire

  Internet resources for nonprofits

  How to develop a strategic plan

• How to plan for a program evaluation

  A Guide for students that includes information about the scope, history, theory, and future of the nonprofit sector.

We know you will find The Nonprofit Handbook to be an essential resource for every library’s reference collection.

Joe Geiger, Executive Director
Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations


"Grobman’s Handbook has been a treasure. I have passed along copies to those with no knowledge of nonprofit organizations as well as those with lots of hands-on experience. Its usefulness lies in its practicality and accessibility… a great resource to have on your bookshelf!"

Pam Leland, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Seton Hall University

About the Author: Gary Grobman is a Ph.D. candidate in public administration at The Pennsylvania State University. He received his Master of Public Administration at the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. He is the author of The Pennsylvania Nonprofit Handbook, now in its 5th edition, Improving Quality and Performance in Your Non-Profit Organization, and The Nonprofit Organization's Guide to E-Commerce. He is co-author of The Non-Profit Internet Handbook. He served as the executive director of a tax-exempt, non-profit organization for more than 13 years, and served in Washington, D.C. as a reporter and as a senior Congressional staff member to two members of Congress. He currently is the Harrisburg Contributing Editor for the monthly newsletter Pennsylvania Nonprofit Report, was a paid consultant to the Pennsylvania General Assembly on non-profit issues, and was the founder and Chairman of the Non-Profit Advocacy Network, a coalition of more than 60 Pennsylvania state-wide charitable associations which was formed to advocate for the interests of the voluntary sector.

He lives in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Joe Geiger, Executive Director

PA Association of Nonprofit Organizations


Part I For Practitioners

Quick Start Guide to Forming a Nonprofit Organization

Chapter 1. The Decision to Incorporate

Chapter 2. Steps to Incorporation

Chapter 3. Bylaws

Chapter 4. Nonprofit Boards of Directors

Chapter 5. Mission and Vision Statements

Chapter 6. Strategic Planning

Chapter 7. A Transforming Model for Nonprofit Board Leadership

Chapter 8. Nonprofit Organization Ethics

Chapter 9. Section 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Status

Chapter 10. Liability, Risk Management, and Insurance

Chapter 11. Fiscal Issues

Chapter 12. Personnel

Chapter 13. Hiring, Evaluation, and Firing

Chapter 14. Volunteers

Chapter 15. Charitable Solicitation Registration

Chapter 16. Fundraising

Chapter 17. Writing Effective Grant Proposals

Chapter 18. Lobbying

Chapter 19. Political Activity by Nonprofits

Chapter 20. Communications and Public Relations

Chapter 21. The Internet for Nonprofits

Chapter 22. Fundraising on the Internet

Chapter 23. Nonprofit E-Commerce

Chapter 24. Forming and Running a Coalition

Chapter 25. Miscellaneous Administrative Issues

Chapter 26. Nonprofits and Small Business Competition

Chapter 27. State and Local Tax Exemptions

Chapter 28. Property Tax Challenges: How to Respond

Chapter 29. Mergers and Consolidations

Chapter 30. Quality Issues

Chapter 31. Change Management

Chapter 32. Program Evaluation

Part II  Student Guide to Nonprofits

Chapter 32. Defining and Describing the Nonprofit Sector

Chapter 33. History of the Nonprofit Sector

Chapter 34. Theory of the Nonprofit Sector

Chapter 35. The Future of the Nonprofit Sector

Directory of State and National Organizations

Directory of State-Specific Information

State Government Web Sites of Interest to Nonprofit Organizations

Appendix A—Sample Nonprofit Corporation Bylaws

Appendix B—New Year’s Resolutions for Nonprofit Executives

Appendix C—Sample Financial statements

Appendix D—About the Author

Appendix E—Survey



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